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Recruiting Quality Candidates For Quality
Healthcare Organizations Since 2007

No “low-hanging fruit.” No “three different employers in the last two years” problems waiting to happen. Just hand-picked, rock-solid healthcare professionals with proven track records of getting the job done, perfectly suited to your team’s style, temperament, and business culture.
We take the time to meet with your team to understand your operational needs and organizational culture. After helping you define the types of candidates who excel in your organization in terms of function and “fit,” we quickly identify the pool of viable candidates already in the same or similar roles within a commutable distance to your organization, carefully vetting and presenting only the best, most appropriate candidates for consideration.
You don’t need to invest tens of thousands in your own virtual hiring platform to conduct your recruitment marketing events. Just let us do it for you at a fraction of the cost. We offer the industry’s #1 rated virtual events platform and a host of support services that will take all the pressure off hosting your successful virtual hiring event.
We’ve combined our two best talent acquisition solutions to offer our clients a truly UNIQUE, cost-effective way to fill their most important roles quickly. Hybrid Search + Virtual Candidate Open House Event Solution offers our clients the proven benefits of our full-service executive search, with the added benefit of upto four custom virtual hiring events you can use to help maximize your own recruitment marketing efforts. The best part? If your virtual hiring events result in a hire before our executive recruiting efforts do, you only pay 50% of our fee. Wanna race?