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Candidate Testimonials

"Deb at Nutmeg truly went the 'distance' for me in my career search! Although I was skeptical at first regarding the need for the 'inperson' interview, I found it to be of great benefit as Deb gave me constructive tips on my interview style and presentation after observing me in 'real life'. It also gave us a chance to connect on a personal level which I though lead to a deeper mutual understanding of my professional goals and expectations. 

Deb truly acts as an advocate, cheerleader ,advisor and coach during the arduous process of career advancement! I would wholeheartedly recommend Nutmeg to anyone wishes to advance their career in a supportive environment with proven outcomes!"
Brigid W., RN, MSN, CCM, CPHM, Director of Care Management
"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! You both have helped me to move forward with my life in a way that I never thought possible. I know when I say things like that you tell me that it was 'all me' but you helped me to get to a place where I felt confident enough to be myself, and for that to be a selling point for a new employer. I can't thank you enough for the long talks, the cheerleading sessions, the pep talks and most of all the coaching session over greek salads. You two are wonderful people, and amazing recruiters! Thanks for recruiting me!"

 Rachele K., RN, FNP, Urology
"Do you believe in angels?..I do now!! Rob and Deb took the job search from me and handed me a career opportunity of a lifetime. They matched my professional needs/desires with the institution's, walked me through the entire process and prepared me for the interviews, which can be quite stressful. Their in-depth knowledge/skill set in this area I found invaluable. Deb and Rob are so compassionate and funny! What started as a professional journey has now ended in an extended family. Just fantastic!"

Maureen M., RN, BSN, Nurse Manager, Emergency Department
"From my first conversation with Deb, I knew she was someone I could work with. During numerous conversations I could tell that she was willing to take the time to truly get to know me. I was most impressed with her knowledge of the facility and how she fully prepared me for all aspects of the interview process. Her attention to every detail throughout the entire process sets her apart from other recruiters I have worked with. I would highly recommend Deb and her team to assist in your recruiting efforts."

Eilish H., MS, RN, NEA-BC, Clinical Operations Director, Emergency Services
"I am grateful for working with Deb (and Rob) @ Nutmeg. They are both not only very personable, but also very attentive and supportive. I am very impressed with their commitment to detail and to excellence during every step of the daunting process of transitioning into a new job (in a new state yet for me) including interview, negotiation and credentialing making it look so effortless in a masterful way. Thank you for a job well done."

Hale P., PA-C, Behavioral Health Physician Assistant
"I found Nutmeg to be a great help in my search for a new cardiothoracic PA position for many reasons. They had good insight into the programs for which they recruited. Plus, once the institution hired me, Nutmeg (Deb) went the extra mile to expedite my application, helping me to obtain my CT license, contacting my former employers for various pieces of paperwork, etc. It made my life easier." 

Dan J., PA-C, CVOR/CTICU Physician Assistant
"The advice, suggestions, and indepth knowledge you gave me through my job search was instrumental in the professional presentation I had during my interview processes. I always looked forward to any interactions between us, because of your warmth, professionalism, and dedication to my success. You made me feel like I was your one and only priority. Even though I know you had other clients, you made me feel special. Thank you for all your hard work for me." 

Diana G., RN, Nurse Manager, Inpatient Behavioral Health
“Nutmeg Recruitment offered me more than just a great career change. I felt that Rob and Deb knew exactly what I was looking for and did a great job placing in me in my new role. It was so nice to have them take the stress out of the interview and hire process. I feel confident that Nutmeg provides the right job for both the candidate and the employer." 

Darlene S., RN BSN Director of Critical Care Services
“Care to make the right fit? Committed to their clients…Willing to drive you from good to great. I have been in the healthcare work force for over 30 years now and have worked with several agencies during my career, Nutmeg Healthcare is the only one I would recommend to all my peers looking for a new challenge and career advancement." 

Joseph B., MBA, FACHE Director of Operations
"I highly Recommend working with the nutmeg healthcare team. They will always be there for you to help with interview prep and anything and everything else that pops up during the interview and credentialing dance. I would not have been able to secure my current position without them. Rob and his wife deb are a great team to work with."  

Peter W., PA-C, CVOR/CTICU Physician Assistant
“The uniqueness of Nutmeg Healthcare personnel is their ability to make you feel as though you are a family member. The introductory phone calls and subsequent face to face meetings, their attention to what your needs are, their future plans for you and your family are truly the best preparatory processes before your 1st interview with the prospective employer. I can only say, thank you a million times for a job well done!” 

John M., MBA, Director of Central Sterile Processing
"I think Nutmeg Healthcare is extremely efficient in what they do. They walked me thorough the ENTIRE process, including coaching me on the interview process, research on the institution, and providing me with important contact personnel. In addition, they really know what the hospitals are looking for in a successful candidate. I always felt like i was a phone call away and could always reach Rob and his team at any moments notice." 

Steven Y., PA-C, CVOR/CTICU Physician Assistant
"I found your service to be very valuable. Expert and profession preparation and timely feedback and follow up. I had been involved with other recruitment agencies and found that Nutmeg was superior and have recommended their services to my colleague" 

Kathy L., RN, MSN, Nurse Manager, Cardiac Telemetry
"Rob & Deb Accomando are the most professional recruiters that I have ever come in contact with. They provide a complete service that is superior to anything else that is available. They are an amazing team that makes the process of finding a new position seem very low-stress. They will prepare you and provide you with the competitive edge that is necessary to land the job." 

Dominick M., PA-C, Chief Cardiothoracic PA 
"I was unhappy in the position I was holding and between all the stress and never a break from work, on a day I thought I was going to quit, I received a phone call from Rob Accomando. I felt confident that the position I was going to be applying for was going to be mine. They kept me informed on discussions and what needed to be done to better my chances. They made sure that I felt comfortable & relaxed before I went on my interviews by calling me the day before for a trial run. When it came time to negotiate what I was looking for, they did everything to get what I was asking for and at the very least, close to what I was asking. I am happy with the decision I made and will always be grateful for all they have done for me." 

Elisa S., Central Sterile Processing Educator
"I highly recommend Nutmeg Recruiters. I had a fantastic experience and am very grateful to Deb's assistance in getting the position. Deb provided me with detailed and informative materials on getting the potential employer "to love me" that included advice on preparing for an interview and tips and advice on the interview process. Deb also took time to prepare me for the interview by raising potential questions that might be asked and evaluating my responses. She was always available to answer my questions throughout the process and kept me informed of the status of my candidacy. I am convinced that Deb's guidance and advice was instrumental to being offered the position." 

Karen D., RN, MA, Orthopedic Nurse
"I am confident that my work with Deb from Nutmeg Recruiters was one of the major reasons that led to a successful interview, offer and acceptance in my recent job search. She took to the time to get to know me and my career goals to ensure that my qualifications and personality were a "fit" for the organization. Deb's attention from interview to offer made a traditionally nerve wracking process actually enjoyable. I am thankful for her assistance and am excited to advance on my professional journey. I would highly recommend Deb and Nutmeg Recruiters to anyone wishing to advance on their own professional paths." 

Korey R., RN, MSN, Director of Nursing, Professional Practice and Quality
"I just wanted to thank you and your team for connecting me with the job opportunity at THOCC. I especially appreciate the work you did to prepare and guide me through the process. Your written materials on how to interview well were concise yet packed full of useful information. Your own engaging style was an instructional embodiment of those ideas. Your team's gentle manner and critical advice turned the more daunting portions of the interview into a chance to present my resume and myself in the best possible light. Your support through the process helped convert a tentative exploration into a grand adventure resulting in a refreshing change with prospects for a bright future. I couldn't be happier. I thank you." 

Lisa P., RN, MSN, Documentation Specialist
"When I met the recruiters from Nutmeg Healthcare I knew they were different from the rest of the recruiters. They took a special interest right from the start and called me before I even left the convention center. As I started the interviewing process the recruiters always called me the night before to give me a "pep talk" and to wish me luck. And after the interviews they were always the first to call me to see how it went. I always felt they were my cheering section along with my family. When I had received the job offers, the recruiters were celebrating with me over the phone. Throughout the process, the recruiters always made me feel special and they listened to what I was looking for in my career. They always wanted to find the perfect fit for me personally and professional life. I have been in my placement for over 3 years and I can not thank Nutmeg Healthcare enough for helping me finding me this placement and moving my career in a positive direction." 

Mary Beth K., RN, BSN, Nurse Manager, Medicine
“I am pleased to say that Nutmeg Healthcare placed me at Stamford Hospital and I cannot thank them enough for their support throughout the process. I felt an immediate connection and closeness with Deb Accomando, who really took the time to get to know me and depict the experience awaiting ahead. Ultimately, we ended up working together as Nutmeg is a first choice client of ours when it comes to utilizing their recruitment efforts. I continue to see great results and will forever remember her unique style in getting her clients exactly what they need. Nutmeg is the ideal placement agency for sure and I highly recommend their services!” 

Nancy I., HR Partner
"Nutmeg Healthcare set itself apart from other professional recruiting companys as evidenced by their discreet and personal attention to my professional growth needs. At no time did I feel pressured or directed. Deb Accomando took a personal interest by investing time to meet with me, one-on-one, and listen to my concerns regarding job change and challenges. She is awesome!" 

Nancy T., RN, MSN Magnet Coordinator
"Nutmeg Healthcare Recruiters really helped me prepare for my interview with personalized face to face meetings, phone conferences and with helpful inspiring emails. They helped me realize my past accomplishments and taught me how to articulate those accomplishments so that I would be as prepared as I could be." 

Pamela C., MHA, Practice Administrator, Surgical Services
"In an attempt to get out of the city and advance my career, I somehow found Deb at Nutmeg Recruiting. She worked with me one to one, preparing me for the interview process that led eventually led to the position I wanted. Nutmeg Recruiters are the only Nurse recruiters, I recommend and trust!" 

Robert S., RN, MSN, Assistant Nurse Manager, Rehabilitation
"Nutmeg Recruiters saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself. The personal attention and encouragement gave me the confidence to successfully land my first leadership role. Thank you for helping me continue on my professional nursing journey!" 

Stacey B., RN, BSN, Oncology Nurse Manager
"From the first contact with Nutmeg my experience went so smoothly it made my transition almost seamless. My situation was unique in that I had been at my previous organization for a very long time and had not dealt with a recruitment process. Deb and Jen could not have been more helpful and were with me at every critical point, no detail was left to chance. Meetings were set up for my convenience including times and locations. On my last day of work at my previous organization they sent me a flower arrangement to let me know they were thinking of me during the transition. My current role in my new organization has been such a good match and I am truly fulfilled here thanks to Nutmeg."  

Sue-Ann D., RN, MSN, BC, Director Professional Development
"Nutmeg Healthcare helped me during my biggest transition in my career. They took time and interest to get to know me better to find a perfect placement for me. The support I received from them during and even after my placement was incredible. They walked me through each and every step of my job search, from building a strong resume to getting my employer to love me. I appreciate all the help and can't thank you enough for your unconditional 24 hour support." 

Yojana P., RN, BSN, Cardiothoracic OR Nurse
“I felt like Deb had a genuine interest in finding a position that met both my needs and the needs of the potential employer. Beyond the surface level qualifications, she wanted to know about me as a person, my goals and ambitions, and helped me to find a position that is a ‘fit’. Nearly 4-years later, it was a great match.” 

Vicki H., BA, Service Line Director, Orthopedics and Women’s Health
"Nutmeg Recruiters was a tremendous asset in getting me back into the work force after 10 years. Deb is incredible! She works tirelessly to find the perfect fit and represent you as a must have addition to any organization. Her belief in you is influential and persuasive. I have been in my current job for 4 years and after the first year I was quickly promoted to a supervisor. She a great eye for talent and at my organization has chosen quality people to fill influential positions. As a group we collectively recognize her expertise in getting us where we are." 

Tina S., BSN, Critical Care Nurse Manager
"Nutmeg Recruiters not only came to me an amazing job opportunity, they provided me with advice and guidance to help me navigate the negotiations process. Rob’s personalized attention and counseling allowed me to properly evaluate my options and advance my career as a healthcare professional." 

Tim H., PA-C Chief Physician Assistant, Cardiac Surgery
“My experience with Rob and Debra at Nutmeg Recruiters was as much a voyage of self-discovery, as it related to an employment search. Nutmeg worked with me to clarify my personal and career goals and helped translate them into a dream position. Their guidance and counsel was spot on and I truly appreciated being treated as a unique individual. If you are looking for a stress free and top notch career guidance recruiting experience, I recommend Nutmeg without reservation.” 

Sue W., MPH, CPMS, CPCS Director, Medical Affairs 
"Deb was a great help to me as I made a career move. After 30 years at one place of employment, it was scary to think about interviewing and changing jobs. Deb met with me several times and also emailed information to me to make sure I was prepared for the interview and that all of my questions were answered. She certainly gave me a sense of confidence and made the entire process go smoothly!"

Barbara M., BS, Clinical Business System Analyst