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Client Testimonials

"I have been an HR leader in healthcare for over 15 years and worked with many search firms. I can count on 1 hand the search firms that I consider quality in my definition. Of that short list, there is only 1 firm, Nutmeg Healthcare, that truly represents an extension of the HR Department. They understand our culture and they (Nutmeg) live our values. The principals of that organization are flexible and available by phone or email ALL hours of the day. In terms of competency, they have both a clinical and legal background and that balance adds to the synergy of the relationship and credibility to potential candidates. Nutmeg Healthcare is high quality and unique, they are a “boutique” search firm that even in an era of economic hardship continues relationships with almost all of their placements. They are specialty healthcare recruiters with integrity. They will not accept an assignment if they cannot deliver 100%. In the end, their business model works. When they speak to candidates, they are speaking for me and Stamford Hospital. In the end results matter most and I can proudly state that we have over a 90% retention rate since 2003."

– Sal M., MBA, FABC, Director of Human Resources
"For more than 10 years, the talented Nutmeg group has been the primary recruiting source for difficult to fill nursing and other key leadership positions at The Hospital of Central Connecticut. The Nutmeg team listens carefully, sources aggressively, and presents a carefully selected candidate pool that consistently exceeds our expectations. Our leadership turnover has decreased and the quality of our leadership team, particularly in nursing, has improved significantly in part because of Debora Accomando’s unique ability to understand our culture and source candidates that are competent, motivated and hard wired to thrive in our environment. We wouldn’t launch a leadership search without her." 

Jolie F., Senior HR Consultant, Nurse Recruitment
"The recruiters at Nutmeg were fantastic. They guided me through the whole process and were always available to answer my questions. I was most impressed by their professionalism, preparation and attention to detail. I always felt that I was their most important client and placing me was their top priority. As a result, I ended up in my ideal job and began using them to fill positions at my new organization. I couldn't be happier with where I ended up or the quality of individuals now working for me as a result of their networking. It is without hesitation that I give them my strongest recommendation."

– Cynthia W. CPA, MHA Vice President
"We contracted Deb to assist us in a very difficult job search for our Spine center program director position. From the initiation of that search, I have found Deb to be most professional as well as informative. She was very attentive not only to our organization's needs but those of the applicant she was representing. Her follow up is very timely and suggestions objective. I would not hesitate in having her assist with future complex recruitment needs."

– Chuck A., Senior HR Consultant
"Debora Accomando and her staff have been very responsive in helping [our] Health System meet our permanent staffing needs. I have found Nutmeg Recruiters to be honest, thorough, attentive, and professional. We have made several placements through her organization and I feel comfortable providing a reference for such a professional business partner."

– Ken S, HR Partner
"Nutmeg Healthcare has been instrumental in helping complete our cardiac surgery team with highly qualified, seasoned physician assistants and registered nurses, all of whom have incredible qualifications. I have found that candidates who are presented to us “fit the mold” of what we’re looking for, not only in clinical background, but also in terms of a cultural fit with our organization. I’ve also been impressed with their ability to consistently deliver high caliber healthcare providers in a timely fashion. The recruits are some of the best I’ve ever worked with, and this speaks volumes about Nutmeg’s ability to deliver."

– Michael C., M.D., M.P.H. Chief of Cardiac Surgery
"I am pleased to say that Nutmeg Healthcare placed me at Stamford Hospital and I cannot thank them enough for their support throughout the process. I felt an immediate connection and closeness with Deb Accomando, who really took the time to get to know me and depict the experience awaiting ahead. Ultimately, we ended up working together as Nutmeg is a first choice client of ours when it comes to utilizing their recruitment efforts. I continue to see great results and will forever remember her unique style in getting her clients exactly what they need. Nutmeg is the ideal placement agency for sure and I highly recommend their services!” 

– Nancy I., HR Partner
"Debora and Robert have completed two successful searches with me and two years later I could not be more satisfied. The whole process, from the search through the placement, was smooth, professional and efficient. I would not hesitate to use Nutmeg again for any of my staffing needs." 

– Jarrett S., Vice President Perioperative and Orthopedics Services