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Performance Search

The “Performance Search” option is Nutmeg’s answer to those organizations that absolutely need the right candidates in certain key clinical and administrative roles but want more control over the process and the fee. Conceptualized as a cross between traditional “Contingency Search” and “Retained Search” options, Performance Search includes Nutmeg’s most critical search services, marketing and consulting offerings, but on a more well-defined fee structure based on clearly defined production results. Said simply, if Nutmeg is unable to fill the role using the Performance Model, your organization only pays for the market research and analysis - the same information that will serve as decision support for approriate next steps in the search. There is no way to lose.
Performance Search services include:
  • Development of Search Memorandum.
  • ​On-site consulting services and interview preparation for your team using Nutmeg’s own “Getting Them To Love You” methodology.
  • ​Candidate sourcing and screening, including candidates sourced by your own marketing efforts.
  • ​Written Candidate Executive Summaries.
  • ​Candidate presentation.
  • ​Interview, logistical support and liaison services.
  • ​Offer presentation and negotiation.
  • ​Reference checking.
  • ​Licensing reciprocity, credentialing facilitation and related on-boarding support.
  • ​Regular periodic candidate / client employment follow-ups to insure a smooth transition and lasting tenure.
Performance Search services include a limited, six (6) month guarantee. If the candidate should resign or is otherwise terminated during the first six (6) months of employment, Nutmeg will replace the candidate at no additional charge or, at your option, refund a substantial portion of the fee.


"I found Nutmeg to be a great help in my search for a new cardiothoracic PA position for many reasons. They had good insight into the programs for which they recruited. Plus, once the institution hired me, Nutmeg (Deb) went the extra mile to expedite my application, helping me to obtain my CT license, contacting my former employers for various pieces of paperwork, etc. It made my life easier."
- Dan J., PA-C, CVOR/CTICU Physician Assistant